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Frenzee Products – A Review

Service :
This must get a special mention. The service from Frenzee is simply outstanding. A day after phoning them with my order, it was delivered. I have subsequently ordered other items from them and this seems to be the ‘norm’. I have emailed them – same day response & called them, great attentive service. Note – They have a web site and you can phone them to order direct.

Hollo Elastics:
6-10 Pink – I love this stuff. I had a great day at Leech pool in a local Match catching loads of small carp on it with no bumping, with light hooklengths it’s perfect. It dealt with those ‘mental ones’ you get sometimes really well and made it all very easy – its forgiving stuff. I also used it at in a pleasure session going for skimmers and hooked and landed a double. This Sunday in a match I ended up hooking into a 12lb common on a .10 bottom that went absolutely nuts – but the elastic stretched for ages. With the help of a puller bung and a frantic 20 minutes I somehow landed it – unbelievable stuff.

10-14 Blue – I have used this on 2 occasions, the first time I landed a couple of decent sized carp pleasure fishing. On Sunday I used it for my margin line and it was just perfect for half a dozen carp to 10lbs. I had a couple that went mad on me but again I found it so forgiving and I am sure I landed more than I would normally have done because of the nature of it and the fact its so forgiving.

The line diameter to strength ratio is really good i.e. 0.10 = 2lb 2 oz, 0.135 = 3lb 10oz. The line is really supple and ‘soft’, I have tied rigs and hooklengths and this is what I used in the descriptions of the sessions above. I simply cannot fault it. It has the advantage of a Flourocarbon coating (apparently fish can’t see this) so that’s got to be a good thing.
There is also real innovation in that each spool of line comes in a cassette that you simply put it back into once you have finshed with it. This is really clever as if you have loads of diiferent lines (which thanks to Frenzee I do) they don’t all end up unravelling and knotted etc.

The new Frenzee Soft pots:
I did not win them but as I am on a bit of a roll, will review them anyway! Quite simply the most innovative product in this market by miles.

My advice is buy these and if you are like me and have virtually every make available to fit different size top kits you can throw them all away. Frenzee ones fit exactly where you want and fit match and power tops with the same pot. They will fit right on the tip or 2 foot away if you wanted, there is no clicking onto the top section or worrying about breaking or wearing the top kits – they are fantastic. Also because they have a completely smooth interior you can clean all the crap out of them when you have finished – no residual pellets or bits of castor etc in your tackle box which you get from other makes. There are 3 in each set, the smallest holds approx 180 micro pellets and is tiny just right for canals, F1’s etc. They are so much better than anything else on the market that Frenzee should sell boatloads of them – nothing comes close.

In summary a really positive review of products that I have really enjoyed using and a company that I have enjoyed dealing with.

I do hope that Frenzee continues to grow and become a real success. They certainly have a big fan in me.

In my opinion Frenzee have 2 outstanding features that set them apart; Service levels and Innovative products.

Awa-Shima Torque 2000 Fishing Reel

In no way could I be described as a tackle tart, anyone who’s seen my 200 yr old Rive setup will vouch for that, but I must say that the reel is definitely a nice looking piece of kit. It has a small body with a much larger front end . The majority of the reel is finished in a nice matt aluminium colour, with the smaller metal panels finished in polished gun metal grey. The bail arm is gold and this nicely matches the gold coloured rim on the front of the spool. The spool itself is polished aluminium and again sits nicely within the body of the reel.


The Awa-Shima Torque 2000 Reel

Having picked it up for the obligatory excited fiddle the first thing that struck me is that the overall build quality feels of a high standard. The reel is substantially built but still nice and light. The metal plating on the bail arm and other panels seems to be of a really good quality. So many reels that I’ve had in the past that would be in a similar price range seem to have metal plated plastic,which usually flakes off very quickly, whereas the Awa-Shima is an all metal construction, save for the handle grip and the handle retaining nut.

The spool states 10+1 bearings on it and this is evident from the smoothness you get when turning the handle. The handle is a foldaway type and operated with a push button, again made of metal and looking like it’s built to last.

The reel came with two spools and, as you can see from the photos, they are in between shallow and normal, deep spools. I like this feature because it means that you can load them up, especially off a bulk spool, without having to worry about putting any backing line on them. I loaded one of the spools up with 6lb Daiwa Sensor. The line lay was good, nice and level across the width of the spool.

I’ve only managed to “field test” it once so far. I took it to a local club lake today for a couple of hours on the method feeder. I matched it up with a Preston Mini F1 9 ft rod and a 15g small Preston inline method feeder.

As I said earlier, the reel is substantially made but still light and it was balanced perfectly on the F1 mini. It wasn’t too much of a taxing session but I found that the 30 metre ish cast was easily coped with. Because the line lay is so good casting and retrieving were effortless. I didn’t hook anything likely to tax it but needed the clutch a couple of times. The clutch is smooth and very responsive, again pointing to the quality of the engineering. I had to crank a couple of F1s through the weeds and the reel coped with this easily.

Overall, I’m very impressed so far. I’m going to take it to the MFS match at Old Bury Hill on Sunday which will be a better test for it, longer casts, heavier feeders, a longer rod and with any luck some bigger fish. I’ll edit the review when I’ve been.